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So how does Hooked by a Fin work?

Hey, thanks for stopping by! 
The aim of this page is to give you a little insight into how HBAF operates at present. 

Hooked by a Fin has been extremely busy, it has been a complete whirlwind from the get go, I've found that the demand for products far 
outweigh my crocheting speed and my goodness, for that, I feel very lucky - every. single. day. 

For the last three years orders have been taken via the website but once demand increased I had to keep shutting the website to catch up with orders.  


Up until September 2020 I would open on designated evenings and then shut the website again once the order limit had been reached (this was calculated using how many products I could finish within the turnaround time).

With each opening becoming more busy than the last, the time the website stayed open became shorter and shorter. 

In September 2020 I only managed a minute before having to pull the plug - and even then 233 items were ordered within a minute, which was far more than the limit for the turnaround. 

Cue panic, tears and a lot of "I can't do this" followed by very sleepless nights. 

It took me until January to fulfil orders from September, I lost myself in those months and knew I couldn't keep burning out so I changed the way that HBAF works. 

As of 2021 I have switched to a predominately premade basis for orders, so products are made for a few weeks and then sold via the website in bulk ready to ship. 

At present the only made-to-order bonnets are those in newborn & 0-6 sizes, although there will be other opportunities for made to order bonnets randomly throughout the year

All details for premade uploads are announced via social media but here are the dates I am working towards for premade drops: 

February 2023 -

All designs, predominately Bunnies


March/April -
All designs


Dates for these restocks will be announced via Instagram.

I hope this answers some questions about how HBAF runs. 
I have employed a lady who works alongside me part time and I continue to work every day to make my products as accessible as possible. 
One day I'll have a whole team working to create products for you all

- one day. 

Lots of love, 
Becks xo


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